Houtfestival is the biggest cultural festival in the Netherlands, and it took place in Haarlem, really close to where Maarten’s parents live 🙂

Cultural festival meant: cultural performances, bazaar, and of course food!

However, the food was already Dutch-ialised, and thus they didn’t exactly resemblance the real food from the original country. But still it was nice to try various food, and they were not that expensive either.

I also bought the egg shaker, which I had been wanting to have for ages. I had the same one in Jakarta, and I think it was one of the few instruments which I could play quite well.

During the performance from the Mongolian band Hanggai I had a relaxing time sitting on the grass and taking photos of the visitors who seemed to enjoy the music very much.


people dancing

We also went to see DAAU, a Belgian group whose performance we had seen earlier at the Urban Explorers.


more happy people dancing and gezellig photos are here


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