tong tong fair 2010

19-30 May 2010

This year’s Tong Tong fair was not as crowded as last year, and for me personally was not as exciting because it was my second time.

Again, I missed Andy Tielman performance as I had to go to Dordrecht on the day he performed. Missed Tohpati as well for the same reason. But the great thing from the fair was that I got an autograph from non other than ‘Geef Mij Maar Nasi Goreng’ Wieteke van Dort. Knowing that she would come, I on purpose brought the cover of her EP “Weerzien met Indie”. I also had a picture with her, so that was definitely my Tong Tong Fair highlight for this year! 🙂


with Wieteke van Dort
thanks to Maarten for taking this photo!

Anyway, another nice thing was that I went twice to Tong Tong and both were for free. I learnt my lesson from last year: if you want to go to Tong Tong Fair as a photojournalist, then you should contact them in advance. And so I did this year, and managed to go there for free for two days.

Maarten and Stelios

My first visit was a combination of pleasure and work. I went there with Maarten and Stelios, and I was a tour guide at the festival. We had coconut ice (es kelapa muda), es shanghai, eating at Toko Oen (I had mie ayam, Maarten & Stelios had nasi rames), Maarten was snacking rempeyek and trying different kinds of sambal *strange european*, Stelios had some spekkoekjes (lapis legit), and I even had a bottle of bir bintang 🙂


es kelapa

mie ayam Toko Oen, just like last year

bir bintang

We also went to see some performances (I dragged them to see performances as I needed some nice pictures to send to Antara Foto): Balinese dance workshop by seniman tua (80-year-old Ida Bagus Oka Wirjana) teaching how to do Kebyar Duduk Dance (a very beautiful dance from Bali which apparently a REALLY difficult one too), Sekala Niskala (a collaboration between traditional Balinese performance and contemporary dance), and the performance by seniman tua.


Balinese dance workshop by Ida Bagus Oka Wirjana

Sekala Niskala

Seniman Tua

Maarten and i also had a nice short music session at Ooom Piet booth.


me tries to play gamelan alongside Opa Walter

We also bought loads of interesting stuff: Maarten and stelios bought bird flutes, Maarten bought a couple bottles of sambal (of course), I bought somekind of a music instrument and a wayang (the latter is for my school project).


Maarten tastes various sambal samples

Stelios & Maarten with the bird flutes

My second visit however, was a brief one. Unable to come earlier than 17.00 due to web tech group meeting and finishing the paper, I also had to leave early as i wanted to drop by at the art science graduation exhibition preview at Stichting Centrum. But at least it was still a nice visit (despite I couldn’t take any descent photo to send to my office). I strolled around with Cindy, gave the photo to the lady (one of the booth vendors) whom I took the photo of last year (and in return she gave me a pack of abon — hooray!), Cindy bought bandeng presto for next group lunch, and we visited Linda & Fike at the backstage of Kooktheater.

Fike, Cindy, Linda

more tong tong photos are here and here


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