Nijntje(or also known as Miffy), is the famous rabbit character in children books created by Utrecht-born Dick Bruna. Nijntje, from ‘Konijntje’ (means little rabbit) was created by Bruna in 1955 and ever since there had been almost 30 book titles for Nijntje.

Dick Bruna Huis in Utrecht is a museum dedicated to the works Dick Bruna, with Nijntje as the main collection. What I love about Nijntje was the minimalism of the drawing. In creating Nijntje, Bruna only used few lines and two or three primary colours. In the museum we could see how Bruna created Nijntje. His drawings were basically cut and paste colour papers all put on one sheet of paper.

In the museum, there were also other works by Bruna, like Zwarte Beertjes and other illustration he did for several books of his father’s publishing company A.W. Bruna & Zoon.

I went to Dick Bruna Huis for the first time last April, and I had a really nice time there. Maarten and I also went to the Centraal Museum (as the ticket was actually a combined ticket). We even planned to go to Rietveld Schroederhuis, but it was too far away from the centre and it was raining heavily that afternoon when we were walking to the location.

Anyway, in addition to my joy of visiting Dick Bruna Huis, I also took some nice photos of leafless trees in Utrecht. I think these will be one of my most favourites 🙂

 more photos from dick bruna huis and utrecht in general can be found here, here, and here.


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