Haarzuilens Elf Fantasy Fair

Harzuilens Elf Fantasy Fair.

It’s easy to be gothic.
Even princesses are less popular in the fantasy fair.

I actually don’t know what the relation between Goths and fantasy/elves, although of course if you’re talking about fantasy in general then you practically can wear anything you like. Even as spongebob. Luckily enough no one actually dressed as spongebob. But there were people dressed as: a kinky snow white, hippies, R2D2, etc.

The best dressed visitor (according to me, Katherine, and even Daniel) was: a little girl dressed up as a headless lady with her head on her hands.

Another highlight of the festival was the body painting workshop, which despite none of us took part, we were pretty amazed by the models who got their bodies painted. And i mean, totally painted. One as a character from Avatar, and the other as some kind of a forest fairy.

Other nice costumes (not particularly from the body painting workshop, that is) include:

a green fairy

blue fairies (the right one is not a fairy, of course)


an evil guy with his cart

A nice coincidence was that we were on the same train with the tree guy, and he actually was a part of the body painting workshop. His name was Ferry Zeeman, and he was a professional body painter from Oegstgeest (outskirts of Leiden). So no wonder that it only took him around 2 hours to make his costume and make up. He gave some gold-painted (i.e.gold-coloured) walnuts to children on the train, including me 😛

Another nice experience was the middle ages archery. When it was my turn, the instructor changed the bow to a smaller one because the bow before was too heavy for me.

I also tried the poi, as Cindy and amy bought a pair each. The ball hit my head a couple of times, but Amy said it was normal for first-starters :p

amy with poi.

There were some booths selling fantasy stuff like bows, arrows, fantasy dresses, real swords, fake swords, etc. Also, there were booths that sell food. I tried the apple that was dipped into a hot caramel and then sprinkled with either nuts or muesli. It actually took me more than half an hour to finally able break the caramel layer and bite the apple.

Half of the group (including me) took a guided tour inside the castle (Kasteel de Haar) which was filled with very detailed decoration and creepy atmosphere. There were even ghost catchers in the shape of pointy thingy on the ceiling. Unfortunately we couldn’t take any pictures inside the castle 😦

Not so nice experience for me was that I accidentally touched some kind of sharp-pointed leaves on the grass from some kind of plant called the stinging nettle. It gave a certain reaction on my skin, a kind of a needle-stung feeling at some points. But anyway it was not bad. The effect only lasted for 24 hours.

Anyway, we travelled in a small group: me, Cindy, Daniel, mbak Dian, Amy, Kia, Kate (Cindy’s roommate), Lucine (Cindy’s classmate), and Manuel.

Amy wore a belly dancer costume, Cindy dressed as a gypsy woman. The rest of us didn’t wear any particular costume :p

more elvish (not elvis) photos are here


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