[ella empress and the layers of reality] ongekend

Finally! I saw Maarten performing, yaaay!

The first performance was in Ongekend & Art Rotterdam, presenting some artworks from young artists. The artworks were also for auction, and some were even already sold.

I went there the first time on Friday, 5 February 2010, as Terry was performing and Maarten was also going to record the performance. Unfortunately for me, the first half of the day was one of the worst days I’ve ever had in my entire history of studying in Media Technology. Don’t ask why, I prefer to forget everything about it really. Going to a performance after a bad day – which meant also a terrible feeling – was a really strange experience. Nonetheless, I tried to enjoy the exhibition, still.

However, “bad luck never comes as a single” could somehow be applied to my situation at that time. When I arrived, Terry along with his friend Jan-Pieter had already had their performance. They said that there was a chance that they would perform again, but it didn’t happen. And before that, I walked three blocks away, knowing that I was already close to the location, but then Maarten asked me to meet at the Centraal station so I walked three blocks back, just to know that the venue was only 50 meters away from where I had been.

Nuff said about my misfortunes. The exhibition was really nice actually, it really reminded me of most exhibitions at Ruang Rupa. Various contemporary artworks from paintings to sculptures to photography to collage to installations.

My favourite one was an installation by Inga Cholmogorova, of cassette tapes tied between the ceiling and the radiator. The lines of tape created some kind of shape that reminded me of the Erasmus bridge. Even better, the radiator colour was brown, the same colour with the cassette tapes. Brilliant!


The performance of the night was by the Fucking Bastards (FCN BSTRDS), whom Terry had already warned me that it would be the craziest act I’ve ever seen. And he was very much true, since I had never seen any act quite like them (or maybe because I never stayed too long at Ruang Rupa parties, haha..)

They stripped their clothes off, changed into some costumes made from trash, made a lot of noises, and perform really weird-slash-wild dance moves.


We left the place at around midnight and went to a café in the city before going home.

Ella Empress and the Layers of Reality performed on Saturday (6 February 2010), and I helped Maarten putting on his niqab (don’t ask me why he wore this). He really looked like a woman with the niqab, as he got those turqoise eyes and long eyelashes (haha). Ella wore a turquoise fur coat and had some giant Mikado sticks on her hair.

So basically what they did was making different sounds from different sources (from knetter (candies that pop in your mouth, like pop rock in Indonesia) to Korean children drum to jaw harp to flute) and playback the sound in various ways.

more photos from ongekend can be found here


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