burgers zoo

Burgers Zoo is one of the biggest zoos in the Netherlands (a total of 45 hectare), and since I, as an animal-lover (well kinda of), felt obliged to go, so maarten and I went there even in a cold winter’s day.

One tip if you want to go to a zoo in the Netherlands: do not go there in winter.

1. The animals were hibernating.
2. Going to the zoo is an outdoor activity (although burgers zoo got some indoor built-up environment), so it would be nice to go there in a warm sunny day.

But still i had a really nice day going there with Maarten. Burgers zoo has 8 theme sites (Dierenpark/the original zoo, safari, bush, mangrove, desert, ocean, avontureland/playground, and rimba), and we managed to go to 6 of them. Bush and Mangrove were the nicest ones, as they put the same temperature as the real environment. And just like going to the glass house of hortus botanicus, I felt like home there. The humidity made me miss home even more!

welcome to indonesia 😀 😀

the artificial tropical rain forest

I also liked going to the Ocean, reminded me of going to Singapore’s Underwater World or Jakarta’s Seaworld. I chased the surgeonfish (they have been my favourites since I was 12) around and took photos of the sharks.


you’re an ocean

surgeon fish

Unfortunately we were unable to go to the Safari to see giraffes.. Although they might have gone hibernating as well.

But I was a turtle! 😀


Anyway, after visiting the zoo (and took some photos of leafless trees), we dropped by at the city centre; I met my friend Oki and we had a pizza dinner at Donatello’s.

met oky, a schoolmate who at that time studied in arnhem

anyway, here are some of my favourite shots on the animals:



i don’t know what sort of bird this is but it looks stunning

white owls

and here are some leafless trees:


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