bernie lubell


Bernie Lubell is an American artist who makes interactive wooden mechanical installation. He came to give a short lecture at media tech on 15 October 2009, and when I attended his presentation I was so amazed that I felt obliged to go to his exhibition, The Origins of Innocence (16.10 – 22.11) in Rotterdam.

I went to his exhibition with Maarten at V2 Rotterdam on a rainy Sunday afternoon. The first installation that we tried was “cheek-to-cheek”, where one could sit on a stool, and then putting another helmet-thingy on the head, one could feel the little touches on the cheeks as one tilted the stool left and right.

cheek to cheek

One of the main installations was the coffin, of which he gave the title “…and the Synapse Sweetly Singing”, where you could put yourself inside a coffin by manually slide the body into the MRC-scan-like ‘tunnel’ and inside there were devices which one could use to communicate with the outside world.


…and the Synapse Sweetly Singing

Speaking of communication, there were cones connected to each other with a really long spiral wire (like a super duper long slinky) and served as some kind of a telephone, with the principal similar to the milk-can-and-thread telephone we used to make in primary school.

However, the wire itself gave certain sounds to the cone because the cone had somekind of a rubbery drum-like-layer (like your eardrum) that connected the cone with the wire. 

Anyway, another major work-of-art at the exhibition was the gigantic knitting machine. The machine, entitled “Theory of Entanglement” worked like a spool knitting device which result hung from above. One could weave it by ‘cycling’ the pedal which will turn the machine.

theory of entanglement

more photos of the great works of bernie lubell are here


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