Kay-Oh-See at DoubleYou-Eh-Tee-Tee (KOC @ WATT)

Apart from:

being sent away by the guards to put my lovable camera in the locker’s station – then knowing that I could actually put my bag in the garderobe, and due to this annoying incident I was late for almost 15 minutes, then I could only get in or out of the room where the concert was held after a song ended, and when I got in it was so crowded I couldn’t see a damn thing (I felt like hobbit in the middle of hundreds of jam-packed elves),

I had a sweet ending:

I stood on the second row of the crowd during the second half of the concert, witnessed Eirik stage diving after being motivated by Erlend, and even shook hand with Erlend as he noticed me in the middle of the crowd.

So, not bad for a Rotterdam Tuesday afternoon trip.

And, since I missed their performance in Indonesia three long years ago (I was broke at that time), I felt that somehow I had the obligation to see their concert.

Their concert in Paradiso (Amsterdam) a month earlier was already sold out even months before, yet I was lucky to get a ticket of their performance in Watt, Rotterdam.

It was a bit funny thou, since the first time I met Erlend in the Netherlands was also in Watt, Rotterdam, on the sidelines of his performance with the Whitest Boy Alive in early spring this year.

Listening to Kings of Convenience songs somehow gave me a certain relation on certain people. Mrs. Cold reminded me of Yudi – who put the lyrics of this song as his facebook status for weeks; in fact the whole band itself reminded me of him, who has been a big fan of Kings of Convenience and Erlend Oye ever since their first album Versus and even once put Erlend photo as his friendster photo.

Cayman Islands reminded me of Aryo, and I’d Rather Dance with You reminded me of a friend in Bandung who once said wanted to have this song for a school’s morning exercise.

Their performance was brilliant. They had two additional musicians, one playing a violin and the other a double bass. I had the setlist of this gig somewhere, I will post it as soon as I found it 😉

At the end of their performance Erlend and co. managed to persuade Eirik to stage dive, and so he did 😀


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