[ars electronica festival] day 3 & 4

Continued from part [2]

05.09.09      10.37       oxalis is walking downhill with azita.

05.09.09      10.49       oxalis and azita stop by at the city’s cathedral.

05.09.09      10.59       oxalis thinks blue sky and the cathedral are definitely a perfect match.

05.09.09      11.13       oxalis takes some more photos at the city.

05.09.09      11.16       oxalis is buying ice cream. smurf blauw! (mmm)

05.09.09      11.18       oxalis thinks blue is the colour. Blue sky, blue erasure t-shirt, and even blue ice cream!

05.09.09      11.55       oxalis is attending human nature lecture

05.09.09      12.28       oxalis is walking to ars electronica centre to see the artist talk – hiroshi ishiguro and his geminoid.

05.09.09      12.32       oxalis says yikes, it’s really full in here. try to sneak in through the crowds to get some photos.

05.09.09      12.49       oxalis is listening to hiroshi ishiguro’s presentation

05.09.09      13.30       oxalis is having another walk around in the this RoboLab section

05.09.09      13.50       oxalis says nisaar and I have our retinas photographed.

05.09.09      13.55       oxalis meets myriam’s parents. I asked her mother where myriam was, since I want to give her a belated birthday present.

05.09.09      14.17       oxalis is going to the restaurant to see myriam. meet marten lamers there, telling me about the picnic this afternoon.

05.09.09      14.19       oxalis gives myriam a belated birthday present. And she gives me a knitted bag! Thanks myriam! 🙂

05.09.09      14.30       oxalis is having a stroll outside the ars electronica centre, searching for the mission eternity.

05.09.09      14.49       oxalis wonders why do this sign have to have an upside down version?

05.09.09      14.51       oxalis takes some more photos of churches. i love european churches! (heart)

05.09.09      14.53       oxalis finally finds mission eternity! i am now walking inside the container.

05.09.09      14.59       oxalis thinks mission eternity is not as spectacular as I had thought. not worth of walking around and up and down and up the stairs again.

05.09.09      15.12       oxalis hits the town to see flux!

05.09.09      15.15       oxalis says the flux is already starting! (woot)

05.09.09      15.16       oxalis feels like in the middle of a group of animals walking to Noah’s Ark

05.09.09      15.16       oxalis thinks this flux animals is one of the best crafts i’ve ever seen

05.09.09      15.20       oxalis says monkeys! I see monkeys! I am walking through the crowd now

05.09.09      15.21       oxalis diseruduk celeng (lol)

05.09.09      15.24       oxalis says giraffes!

05.09.09      15.25       oxalis thinks maarten should be here with his own group of giraffes. :p

05.09.09      15.25       oxalis says me! me! i see a turtle!

05.09.09      15.32       oxalis says me love turtle! (heart)

05.09.09      16.09       oxalis is walking to the royal interface culture masquerade ball

05.09.09      16.13       oxalis is watching a guy take part in the headbanger counter (lol)

05.09.09      16.28       oxalis is heading for picnic

05.09.09      16.35       oxalis can’t find the location of picnic. walk back to the other side of the bridge

05.09.09      16.40       oxalis calls marijke. i have no idea where the picnic is. i believe i have taken the right path. but still can’t find it. aaargh

05.09.09      16.42       oxalis thinks someone should give me direction in west or east, not navigation points, since I’m really bad with it. and now that the sun is still shining, i will be able to distinguish where to go.

05.09.09      16.57       oxalis finds some other media tech students who also got lost. walking together with them now.

05.09.09      17.04       oxalis finally finds the picnic location! it turned out that you have to cross the street and walk to some underground crossing pathway thingy.

05.09.09      17.07       oxalis is chilling out in the sun with other media techies and art science students

05.09.09      18.38       oxalis goes for a dinner with some friends after picnic. has some austrian dinner with myriam, thomas, marijke, and thanos

05.09.09      19.45       oxalis says thanos accidentally broke a whole bottle of wine in the middle of the bridge

05.09.09      21.00       oxalis is watching some short animation films at OK. outdoor. buset dingin2 begini… :-&

05.09.09      22.33       oxalis thinks this bible writer is really cool.

05.09.09      23.00       oxalis decides not to go to the OK party. i dropped by for a while but then only few people were there.

06.09.09                     oxalis is waiting for the bus but the bus does not come 😦

06.09.09                     oxalis is strolling the city with marijke and azita

06.09.09                     oxalis is watching some short animation films at OK

06.09.09      12.45       oxalis, marijke, and azita continue our journey strolling around linz.

06.09.09      12.52       oxalis says unfortunately, shops are closed on sundays so i can’t buy knitting yarns (tears)

06.09.09      13.20       oxalis thinks if you have stayed in leiden for quite a while, you may have the same opinion as me that the pastel-coloured buildings here look rather ugly.

06.09.09      13.32       oxalis and friends find an all-you-can-eat chinese restaurant.

06.09.09      13.40       oxalis thinks this restaurant is crazy! Lots of great food for lunch and only 8.5 euros! (woot)

06.09.09      14.28       oxalis has had two bowls of meals (rice, mihoen, cap cay, chicken, and all sorts of great Chinese food) yum yum yum (hungry)

06.09.09      14.47       oxalis has dessert now. small oranges and mini muffins (mmm)

06.09.09      14.54       oxalis barely moves my own body. Has too much food in my stomach (lol)

06.09.09      14.58       oxalis continues the city walk with marijke. We decide not to go to any of the exhibition today.

06.09.09      15.18       oxalis is back at brucknerhaus. i’m getting a bit sick with this building actually, but we are really curious with the artwork using human skin..

06.09.09      16.09       oxalis and marijke is back to the town, looking for something to drink during the journey.

06.09.09      16.54       oxalis is having a double ice cream! (mmm)

06.09.09      18.19       oxalis and marijke is back at the hostel. only a few people are already here. we’re one of the firsts to return.

06.09.09      18.58       oxalis is going inside the bus

06.09.09      19.00       oxalis says zane, lieven, and zach are joining us in the bus

06.09.09      19.08       oxalis says the bus is departing. leiden, i’m baaaacckk.. :p

more photos are here and here.


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