same band, same angle, different venue

And oh it was such a great feeling to be able to see them again (and actually had a bit of chat with Erlend) on the other side of the world!

A little prelude: I was just checking the myspace site of Whitest Boy Alive when I found out that they were going to tour Europe. In fact, they were going to the Netherlands: one was a part of the Motel Mozaique in Rotterdam, and the other one was in Amsterdam.

By the time I read that tour section, the Amsterdam tix was already sold out (yikes!). So I bought the Motel Mozaique tix. After all, the event sounded far more interesting.

Then early (actually it was really, really early) in the morning of Friday, April 10 (the day of the event), I sent an e-mail to Erlend Oye [thanks to Yearry for still keeping his e-mail address, I actually left my note of his e-mail in Jakarta].

I didn’t really expect Erlend will reply to my e-mail, especially since I sent it just a few hours away before the gig. But he did! He really did!

He told me to come early and they would be around or in the bus parked around the corner.

So I went to Rotterdam – on my own.. yes I’m becoming the solitary traveller once again – please check my other blog post for more Motel Mozaique – and after a few teeny weeny problems which caused me pretty much anxious, I finally arrived in Rotterdam, 1.5 hours later than planned.

I went straight to Watt, but there were big security guys (and lots of em too) right in front of the gate of the venue. So instead I went to the park, and had a little look around.

Then I went to Schouwburgplein to get my bracelet.

When I finally reached Watt, I found one big problem: How could I find Erlend?  There were loads of people there, and I didn’t have his contact number. If it was in Jakarta, it would’ve been easy to find a tall curly Caucasian in the middle of small, brown-skinned Indonesians. But finding one tall white guy in the middle of hundreds of tall white guys (note: the average height of Dutch guys is 180cm something, so that’s around Erlend’s height I think), that was a huge problem.

First I went to the Grote Zaal of Watt, and A Place to Bury Strangers were wrapping up their performance. As far as my eyes could see (it was quite blurry since everything was rather dark), I saw no tall white curly guy there. Well Erlend usually had a little walk around the venue so it was worth the try to have a look. I still stayed there when everybody was going out the main hall and moving to the basement, wondered wheter Erlend was in the middle of the crowd. But no.

So I was just walking down the hallway heading for the exit when I saw a guy waving to me from a room on the right.

Yup, it was Erlend. He actually still recognised me – yaaaayy!! That was a nice surprise.

So I entered the artists’ room where they had dinner and stuff, and had a little chat with Erlend.

Erlend was asking whether I had the news on White Shoes and the Couples Company who wanted to perform in Europe. He also said that I should bring Indonesian music to Holland since we both agreed that Dutch music is dull. However there are a lot of good bands coming to the Netherlands, so I might have the chance to enjoy some better “foreign” music here – thou of course they won’t be coming to Leiden, so I have to travel.

Erlend seemed to have a great impression on the Superbad Scandal in Jaya Pub. He told his friend about the WBA’s performance, and the “Courage” video which they put on myspace. However, I have just found out that they were ill when they perform in Bandung. Erlend got sick on the night of their performance in Jaya Pub, and the other also got very ill. They assumed that it was because of the water, since they always had good food during their stay in Indonesia.

(anyway, the structure of two paragraphs above seemed rather similar..)

Speaking of Indonesia, he told me to “pedestrianize” Jakarta, so that there areas near aksara for example would have no cars. So people can hang out somewhere instead of going out to a mall. It’s just not cool that a third world country like Indonesia had this sort of capitalism euphoria. (Anyway he didn’t said the capitalism euphoria, that was just my assumption of the conversation).

But I think it was very much true. It is such a shame that Indonesia (especially in big cities like Jakarta), people got really “carried away” with the capitalism and liking all the so-called artificial comfort. I had to admit that there was a point in my life that I like going to malls since I felt pretty safe going there, especially since I like going out on my own, but then I got rather tired of them.

And again, speaking of Indonesia, Kings of Convenience is going to Indonesia in March (yeaaayy!!)

Then there were a Dutch couple, and they gave two copies of a DVD to Erlend. The DVD contained a sort of documentary about how they failed to see Kings of Convenience performed in Norway few years ago. So the guy gave the festival tickets to his girlfriend as a gift, but then Erlend was very ill that he could not perform so that KoC performance was cancelled. As you can see in the photo, the couple were devastated, they even had their pic in the Norwegian newspapers, looking really depressed.

But the good news was the festival organiser invited them to come to the festival again the year after, for free. They even paid the flight tickets too.


After the chat, I went to see Fever Ray at Rotterdamse Schouwburg. But I left early to get good place to see Whitest Boy Alive at Watt again.

And so, there I was, as the title implies, same band, same angle, but different venue.

I was actually standing a bit more to the right compared to when I was in Beatfest, but most of my photos have a really similar angle.

The boys seemed to be less uptight thou, especially Erlend. He looked pretty more relaxed compared to when he was performing in Bengkel.

The performance was opened with “Keep A Secret”, and then “Intentions” which received a great response from the crowd. Everybody here seemed to like “Intentions”, and even when I was in Rotterdamse Schouwburg to see Fever Ray, there was this skinhead guy who was humming “Intentions”.

Most of the songs played were from the latest album “Rules”, like “1517”, “Island”, and “Courage”, although there were of course some classic “Dreams” stuff like “Golden Cage”, “Don’t Give Up”, and “Burning”.

I forgot to write the setlist, so I just write this blog merely based on my short-term memory.

Anyway, in one of the song, they “switch positions” – Marcin played the drums, Sebastian played bass, Erlend played keyboards, and Daniel with the guitar.

Then as they closed their perfomance with “Fireworks”, Daniel took his Rhodes (I think it was a Rhodes, but I wasn’t sure) and played it as if it was a keytar! Well actually he did the same thing when they played in Bandung, but I wasn’t there when they played in Bandung anyway..

So yes, I had my first gig experience in the Netherlands and it was great. Great, great, great, great. OK apart that everybody could bring beers and smoke inside the Grote Zaal of Watt (unlike in Rotterdamse Schouwburg, which made the venue much comfortable compared to Watt), I had one of the best days ever since I stepped my foot in this foreign country. It was just superb.

Anyway, here are some of my favourite shots:

And here are the rest of the photos..


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