mendadak madurodam


Another unplanned journey.

I was just going to the Embassy (the real Indonesian Embassy, not the night club, ha-ha) to take some pictures of the Election, and since there was a time difference between the election itself and the counting, I thought of just going to the city centre to have a little walk before returning to the embassy.

But then when I was just taking the bus back to the centre, I met Florin, who also had just gone to the election and wanted to visit Madurodam. It turned out that Florin was actually an ITB graduate, and a friend of my friend Rayi. Since I actually had no agenda whatsoever in the city centre, I decided to join her to Madurodam 🙂

Florin and I

The visit to Madurodam turned out to be a nice one. Despite it was rather expensive (13 euros) for a rather 8pt park, I still had a really nice impression of how the Netherlands was in general. I couldn’t wait to travel around the Netherlands after visiting this place.

I think that Madurodam was not also nice to give a general view about the Netherlands, which was in particular nice for tourists who might not have much time to travel to all the interesting places, but also to make a list of which places you wanted to see (for those who stay longer in the lowlands country).

In addition to the nice miniature buildings (and figurines), there was a special Sesame Street exhibition, so I was super happy!



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