media tech footy

So my classmate Frank de Boer (no, not the famous Dutch defender back in their glorious days) organised a football match for Media Tech students last Wednesday and the response on the forum was simply superb. So there was two five-a-side teams then – one were Frank, Casper, Thijs, Thijs W, and Alwin; then the other team were Joey, Berend, Jeroen, Robbert, and Roberto.

The game were great I think, lots of laughs here and there (ha-ha), I even got a great time taking pictures of them! :p

The football was actually won by Frank’s team, 10-6 or something (thou the other team claimed it was a 7-7 draw, he-he). I lost count when it got to 8-6. But we didn’t really care about the score really, it was simply meant to give everybody a great time.

The winner was awarded with a trophy Thijs made a day before, made from those paper plates and glasses from the canteen wrapped with alumunium foil. You can see it in the picture – the one which Frank held it up. It’s a very nice trophy, actually.. if I were Frank I would definitely put that on my table 😉

But anyway, I forgot to bring my extra lens (darn.. I remembered that I forgot to bring it when the bus was already coming around the corner of my apartment), and there were not really bright lights inside the sports centre, and I (as usual) hate (did I say hate? Yes, hate) flash, so I just pushed my luck a little bit and tried to shoot with low lights. So the people got really blurry as they were all running (obviously). Well at least I got the team photo in the end (hooray!)


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