zapp string quartet


On the first day of the daylight saving time (summer hours), I went to see my first ever concert in Leiden. Zapp string quartet. OK, so I usually go to gigs, but I actually really enjoy watching various kinds of musical performance. And this one was no exception.

I went to see the concert with Christophe (thanks for inviting me to see this concert!), Gaelle, and Giovanni. Since I rarely go to this kind of concert, it was difficult for me to get some good shots. One problem was that everything was quiet, so I found that every sound made by the shots I made rather disturbing. Problem number two was that everybody was sitting down — if I sat on the front I won’t be able to get a good angle while if I sat on the back I won’t be able to see anything since I am you know, rather.. small :p

But the performance itself was stunning. Yes, I repeat it again: STUNNING. With capital S. They made sounds not only by playing their strings in a conventional way (ie: with a bow), but also play it like guitar/upright bass, and stomp their feet to the wooden stage to make various acoustic sounds.

Here are the pics btw 🙂


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