[listening] march

this song suits me very well when i’m in a depressive mood
ps: the assembly was a band where vince clarke founded shortly after yazoo was disbanded. this song featured feargal sharkey on vocals.

the single is finally out. earlier than expected.

he is awesome. and i can’t get the drum part out of my head, really.


i got the message and the message is clear.
i really, really, really, really wish you were here

depeche mode’s latest video, wrong.

this song always gives me the shivers..

my three favourite musicians in one video

for you

i know the sun is shining brightly in the last couple of few days, but still i feel like singing this song

where was i in 2003?
how come i didn’t know the human league released their album “secrets”?
this is shameful.
anyway, this is the first single of the album

and this is my favourite one from the album

this however, was not from “secrets”. it’s a classic (or at least a classic for me) from “octopus” album. for me, octopus is historical as it was the first cassette tape i bought with my own pocket money. and i had this song played again and again, apart from ‘one man in my heart’ and ‘tell me when’.


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