meta media

On the last week of February, we were freed from the regular courses and took the Meta Media course instead. The course lasted only for five days, from Monday to Friday 10.00 to 16.00.

The class was then divided into four groups, each given a task of making a project from a chosen medium, i.e.: sports, facebook, clock, and fountain.

I was teamed up with Mois, Maarten van der Mark, and Thijs Waardenburg in the “sports” group. Oddly enough we were not such sporty people except for Thijs who plays water polo.

And we had quite a problem in determining of what to make in the project at first, until on the second day, we finally had an idea of making this game call “Bell Ball”.

The “Bell Ball” was actually a combination of regular football and martial arts. There was this sort of a martial arts practice in which the people had some sets of bells attached to his clothes so that he should be really careful not to ring the bell.

Since football is “known” as a quite rough sports, we thought that by giving bells to the players would slow down the tempo of the game and make the sports more elegant to see.

So we bought some materials of bells and velcros to be tied on the players’ ankles, two bright-coloured vests (really bright yellow and orange), and even we bought two mini goals!

We made the football pitch in the lab of 408, using duct tapes. It was actually an actual resize of an official football pitch.

So on Friday every group had to present their project.

  • Facebook group (Zane, Martijn, Berend, and Jeroen) made an application called the Holonizer
  • Interviews group (Hanna, Alwin, Thijs de Boer, Robbert) made interview magnets – I forgot what they actually called it.. they put these magnetic pieces of words on vending machines etc with some intriguing questions.
  • Clock group (Vincent, Maarten M, Roberto) made different types of clock.
  • Fountain group (Marie, Joey, Arnout, Frank) made a wishing fountain which can give the echo of what you wish for, using Max/MSP 

  • and the Sports group! 🙂 

    We had some volunteers: Frank, Arnout, and Martijn (orange team) and Joey, Thijs de Boer, and Jeroen (yellow team). Thijs W became the referee, Maarten vd Mark was the scorekeeper, I was the linesman (my long time dream! Haha), and Mois recorded the match. 

    At first the game ran as planned. The player who rang the bell has his team given a penalty point in the form of a hangman game. When they earned 10 points (a complete hangman) the opponent team was allowed to give an extra bell attached to that team. 

    But then everyone just kept ringing the bells and no one really moved slowly like we were when we were practicing the game. Anyway, it was still fun to see the game.. I personally really enjoyed the whole Meta Media course as it was not so technical and I could really make something.

Apart from the projects, the classes were also really fun to attend. Usually Taco presented some videos in class and they were quite inspiring. The first one was a documentary about the Manchester band KLF (yes! The KLF band who sang 3 a.m. Eternal – I saw their video when I was in junior high or primary school I think) who burnt 10 million pounds for the sake of the art (see the video here). They claimed that “they don’t want to be ruled by the money, they want to rule the money”.

There was also the screening of the movie “The Yes Men”, where two American guys made the website of and people are mistakenly thought that they were from the WTO and they were invited to some (really formal) conferences and interviews. And they really attended the conferences and interviews.. in their own ways – it was really funny, you should see it for yourself.

..and some of Taco‘s (highly interesting) projects.


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