introduction days – day 2


The second day of the Introduction Days was started with a bike shop tour. Students were taken to several bike shops to see and probably could see some bikes offered there. I already had a bike thou I still love going out for a walk, so I could actually find out some other bike shops too. Unfortunately, it was quite a cold day so my toes were actually frozen.. aarrgghh..

But anyway, it was still a nice walk. I met some new friends again. There was Darina from Czech Republic, Nele from Belgium, French Gaelle and Roxanne who were studying Indonesian, Charlene – also from France but studying Chinese, Leo from Australia (who had been to Indonesia for a couple of times and could speak Indonesian a little bit), Trevin from Texas, then Ebru from Turkey and Petya from Bulgaria who were apparently from the same mentor group.

At lunch time, we went to Lipsius to sign up for several workshops. I took the Academic Writing and painting. But the academic writing workshop was more into a workshop of avoding plagiarism and such, not how to make a proper writing and tips etc. The painting workshop was much interesting. Thou still, I felt I was a really really left-brained person after drawing. So we were given various small things in our hands and not to open that hand while we were making a drawing. We were told to make a drawing that was stimulated by the sensation of holding the given things. For me, I had already known that what I was holding was a seashell so I deliberately just drew a seashell. Doh!

Then a little short trip home, and then a Pancake Dinner at Beestenmarkt. I sat at the table with some Americans and a Scottish guy. That was my first Dutch pancake and I was absolutely surprised by the size of the pancake. It was as huge as a large pizza in pizza hut back home. It was extremely big. And I had this cinnamon, apple, and raisin pancake and I just couldn’t finish it. I really should have had the more meat/cheese pancake thing, instead of the sweet one.

After that, I went to the game night. It was rather strange that only a few people were going to the game night. There I met Myriam, Trevin, Gaelle & Roxanne, Nele, Innocent, Koos, Christophe, and Diogenes.

Myriam, Trevin, Koos, and some other people had alreadly played the “Kolonisten”, a German board game in which you make roads and villages and cities – quite a difficult game actually, with a lot of rules and stuff. But I think it was still quite fun. Trevin seemed to master the game very much.

Anyway, since there were still many people who just sit and watched, Christophe asked some people to join in for a game of cards. Then Diogenes taught us this Brazilian card game called Truco, which I personally thought quite strange, as the highest cards were four of clubs, seven of diamonds, seven of hearts, and ace of spades. It was really fun actually, and we had a great time laughing as Diogenes seemed to know the game very well and he asked for Truco most of the time =D

We left the Common Room at about 11 and headed to the ISN party at Four Reasons near Haarlemmerstraat. But when we reached there, there was still only few people there. So some of us went to the club, and some of us (me, Myriam, Koos, Gaelle, and Roxanne) went to Einstein. It was actually my first time going to Einstein and it really “resemblanced” the term of students bar. Well, this bar even had bookshelf!

We had a few beers there, and had a little talk as well. I just found out that Koos actually lives in Smaragdlaan, right across my room. What a small world eh? And earlier that day I found out that Gaelle and Roxanne will also live in Smaragdlaan. They will move in to the apartment next Monday.

It was like two in the morning I think when we realised that we got sooo tired so we decided to skip the ISN party and went straight home instead. Since I didn’t bring my bike, Koos gave me a lift back to the apartment. (thanks heaps!)


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