[leiden] My first Indonesian (and Surinam) food

Luckily enough, I am not like most Indonesians who consider that “if I haven’t had rice, then I hadn’t had a proper meal”. I actually like bread, and I don’t mind if I don’t have to eat rice. But of course, it would be nice to try Indonesian food here in Leiden. So I went to an Indonesian restaurant called Selera Anda, located right across the Beestenmarkt. The people there were really, really nice. And of course, it was great to finally be able to speak in your mother tongue. I had a great time talking in Indonesian, btw.

That night I had noodles, vegetables with broccoli, and kipsmoor (semur ayam).

The restaurant also sells lots of Indonesian stuff like Indomie and krupuk. So if I got really homesick and wanting a bit of Indonesian food, I can always come here 🙂

Anyway, I was buying some groceries at Super de Boer when I received a text message from Myriam, asked me to join she and Thomas for a Surinam dinner. I finally joined them for a bit of snack :p

The restaurant was quite near the station, and I had a plate of bitterballen (yum!). I heard that Surinam food is quite similar to Indonesian, but unfortunately I was so full that night so I can’t really tell. Thomas had satay btw, so that’s Indonesian.. And Myriam said that there were some food in that restaurant that are so spicy, especially when there’s green chili involved.

dinner with myriam

Thomas and Myriam

I had a great time that evening.. So thanks again to Myriam! =)


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