[leiden] the apartment

Friday, 16 January 2009.

I went to Plexus (Student Centre) to sign my housing contract with the ICS, then I had to go to my apartment in Smaragdlaan. I got a bit lost when I was about to take a bus from Brestraat, as the streets were more of like a labyrinth with all those little alleys and small brick roads that led to somekind of secret paths. And I stopped at the wrong bus shelter since I didn’t know that I was supposed to press the stop button when I wanted to get out of the bus. So I walked with my heavy, heavy bag again. And I finally found the apartment, which I noticed of course, since I actually printed the pic of the building on my notebook. But, I didn’t know how to enter. It was locked, and how could I enter the building when I didn’t even have the key? I was there to get my key, but I didn’t know how to enter the building. (doh)

But anyway, there was this girl, who was in a sort of a hurry but I asked her to open the door for me. Well, long story short, I finally got to enter the building and got the key to my apartment. There was actually a girl who was staying in my apartment, and she was from Taiwan. I actually met my next door neighbour, Vicky, who was from Taiwan. Then, after leaving some of my things, I went to Snellius as Annebeth actually arranged me an appointment with Maarten Lamers.

Later that evening, I finally met my roommate, Kate (hey, that rhymes!). She’s from Taiwan, but she was actually leaving the apartment the next day. So by weekend, I had a room of my own. This is actually the view of my apartment.


Kate left the apartment on Saturday that week, and I am on my own. At least until now. I hope it stays like this forever :p

ps: more photos of this apartment will be posted sooner (or later?) he-he


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