snailius walk to snellius


So, I obviously knew nothing about Leiden, apart that I actually had been here 12 years ago for a mere two days – but I didn’t really remember anything, so I was actually ready for an adventure. And on the afternoon of my arrival, I decided to go to my faculty. Or at least to have a look where will I be studying for the next two years. I went back to central station by bus, then I walked passing the LUMC, then went straight following the big road on my left. And walked, and walked, and walked, until like an hour and a half or so. I finally found this odd-looking (but I think it was cute!) round building called Gorlaeus, and there was that big “science” letters on the building. So I entered, but I didn’t really think it was my building. I went out again and looked for another building. It was also a building for the science faculty, so I entered and asked the receptionist. I asked to meet Annebeth Simmonsz, the programme coordinator of Media Technology. But unfortunately, I again entered the wrong building as it was actually Huygens. So then on my third attempt, I finally entered the right building. The building is called snellius, named after a famous Dutch mathematician. Unfortunately, Annebeth was not present that time and I met Fons Verbeek who introduced me to some of the rooms used for the classes and lab works of Media Technology students. He also allowed me to use his computer to check my e-mails as I couldn’t do it at the hotel. After that, I returned to the hotel, with some stops at the station and nearby supermarket to buy some bread and noodles.

Anyway, I went to Snellius again the next day, and I met Maarten Lamers, who actually called me and admitted me to the programme. He was really, really tall, with curly hair and glasses. Then I also met Edwin, and they both gave me some brief introduction about the programme. I also met Myriam, a German student who gave me a short tour around Snellius.


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